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to the Grit and Glam podcast

Where faith is our foundation, grit is our strength and glam is everything else!

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We are your hosts

Dorothy Strouhal and Allison Henderson

and we love to have real talk, about real life challenges, while empowering you to cultivate a deep, fierce, and fabulous Faith.
Join us in the fun adventures of living a Grit and Glam Life!


We know life can be hard, gritty and just suck at times!

So how do you go through those times and not lose your faith? Much less grow it? Well, that’s when we throw in some of our crazy artistic flare with fun DIY projects, creative boss babe business ideas, and some beauty tips and tricks.

Get to know us!

Get to know Allison and Dorothy. Not just in the podcast world but from through their family, business, speaking, writing and more!

Allison Henderson

I’m Allison Henderson, just a crazy, tattoo donning, enneagram 7️⃣—hippie of a Wife and Mom living in Mont Belvieu, Tx. Currently I stay at home in order to WO-man this ‘shipwreck’ of a household. I also do freelance writing for Voyage Houston and Hometown Journey Magazine, and am in the VERY slow and procrastinated phase of writing my first book. 🐢 📖  🖊

I’ve been married to my 👀 stalker 💕 (husband 😉 ) for 13 years, mother of two ‘know it all’ teens. A 17 year old son, with Aspergers and a 14 year old daughter, who literally spends all day on art 🖼 . Hormones abound in mi Casa y’all! 🥴 I also have 4 fur children 🐶 🐕 🐶 🐕 (did I mention we are crazy over here? 😜)

My desire is to be raw and honest with you in what I write. To bleed through what I type. Because I believe that we connect with one another not in our strengths, but in the vulnerability of our weaknesses.

My hope is that in my nothingness, YOU SEE HIS GREATNESS.

HOPE is a funny thing. It can be dashed. It can be resigned. It can be less. But when placed in Christ, it can never be lost.

Dorothy Strouhal

Come on in and get to know me a little bit!

I am an open book, no-frills-but-way-glam, straight-forward kind of girl!

I try not to beat around the bush too much.

It just confuses me!

I have been a celebrity makeup artist since 2005, owning my own studio, Your Makeup Expert. Being a boss babe came natural to me but being a mom and wife … well that took some work! WAIT being a GOOD mom and wife …took some work!

I have successfully stayed married to the same awesome man for 27 years. No one died and we have now learned how to love each other well. 

As you can imagine there was a lot of ups and down, sacrifices, and compromises but we made it and NOW are empty-nesters! WHAAAAT? I’m not quite sure how that happened but it did! 

Now I spend my time advocating for human trafficking victims by working with Beauty Will Rise, building personal and business branding for others, blogging, speaking, and now PODCASTING! Whew! this next season is going to full and FUN! 

I’d love to get to know you better and let you get to know me! If you’d like to know more just take a click below!